and i hate when people on here try to glorify not having friends like shut up it’s fucking horrible i had like maybe one friend throughout all of high school and it’s an awful and seemingly meaningless existence that serves only to make you feel shitty about yourself it’s not fucking cute

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This is my favorite one yet.

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#*dies of emotion* #but what if molly was his companion once #and now he stops by for breakfast #and keeps commenting because it seems like every time #there’s another ginger kid #adn when he sees harry it’s like ha! #i knew they couldn’t all be ginger! #and molly doesn’t bother telling the doctor that harry isn’t hers #because he is after all one of her boys #and she loves him just as though he was a weasley (via dwcompanion)

those tags broke me a little inside 

#Molly Weasley turned Daleks into actual pepperpots, because, honestly, she doesn’t have time for their nonsense.

I just fangirled.

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Me and my friends when we’re out

This speaks to me on a deep and profound level

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Tips of their toes

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*looks at boys my age* wow way too young for me

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This will help you write good.

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